Animation for your website

Getting Creative...

Video animation opens up another world of imagination and there really are no limits. We provide bespoke animations for companies wanting a unique film to tell their story. For those on a smaller budget, there's an exciting animated look with our explainer videos...

Marketing your business

We start the animation process with an initial meeting (either on the phone or face to face) this gives us both the opportunity to talk through what you like in an animation such as the look, style, colours etc.

Depending on your video marketing budget we can either provide you with an animation built from scratch or build on an existing style and manipulate this to tell your story. We spend time listening to your needs and how best to produce a marketing video for your company.

Benefits of video animation

Video animation attracts attention, and that's just what we aim for with all our animations. We always make sure that a call to action is clear at the end, which leads to an increase of sales. As well as boosting your SEO, video also builds brand trust.

We help all our clients by writing a story and script, sometimes our clients like to provide their own scripts, either way we can still help you. With a bespoke animation a  storyboard is then produced to show you what your animation will look like and where the script will fit. The production of our animations can take from 1 week up to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of your project.

Voice over, music and sound effects are finally included.

Drop us an email info@orchid-digital.com to see how we can help you.


Let's start a conversation

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