Covid-19 information for clients

Since the latest government announcement the TV and Media industry are now back shooting on location again whilst adhering to health and safety standards. Orchid Digital will be back filming on location from 1st June 2020 so please let us know if you would like to book us for a video shoot info@orchid-digital.com We will be taking the following safety measures to ensure that our clients are kept safe. We will only be filming outside or within an office environment […]

Telling the story of Beano | Artis Studios Video

Recently we created a series of short video stories for our client Artis Studios – photographers based in Sunninghill. We were very excited to film these because we have known them for years. They photographed our wedding, our dog and most recently our little baby boy. Having the opportunity to create something for them this time was very exciting for our video company. The brief was to create short video content for pets, families and seniors (teenagers). Finding the ‘right’ […]

Boost your marketing with Instagram video

Give yourself a marketing boost with Instagram Video Last week we filmed for The Really Helpful Club at their ‘Back to Business: Taking the next steps’ event. I was also asked to speak about video for the Instagram platform. It’s a platform that I’m still exploring myself, and at Orchid Digital we’ve started working with small business entrepreneurs on video specifically targeted for Instagram. If you know nothing about it then essentially Instagram is a photo app that also has the […]

What’s new this year? video marketing in 2018 for business.

Happy New Year! January has officially started and (if you didn’t dabble with work over the Christmas period) then you’ll most likely be getting back into it this week. A new start, and a fresh way of thinking opens up the doors to new marketing ideas and the great inspirational rush to get some new fresh faced clients on board. So what’s new on the video front for 2018? At Orchid Digital we like to always think of new and […]

Open up your imagination when it comes to video marketing

These days capturing the attention of your audience is getting harder to do. With increased competition and digital video marketing spreading online, you need to start standing out from the crowd. So where do you start with video marketing? Fortunately gaining attention doesn’t always mean you have to make a £30,000 film, but those companies with more money will have more flexibility in what they can do. Hiring actors, fancy camera angles and animation are just some of the options […]

How I can help you speak to your customers

Shooting a video can be difficult, especially if you’ve never experienced speaking in front of a camera before. With your customers going to the internet as the first place to find products and services you need to start getting yourself out on the web, and video marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing this. So how can I help you with a problem you might have with video marketing? Quite often the problem is purely just down […]

The power of video in digital marketing

Graphic courtesy of theEword Recently we set out on educating small business owners on the power of video. Within our growing digital world, video comes top as one of the most effective marketing tools out there. It’s the most shared form of content and the SEO value in this ‘rich media’ makes it worth getting a video of your business out there – even if it’s a really simple video. In our home town of Hampshire we started filming with […]

Behind the scenes at Really Helpful Club and NSPCC Family Gala…

Event filming can always be a challenge, as a crew you always have to be prepared for every scenario whilst capturing everything the first time round – there’s rarely any second chances! We work closely with Really Helpful Club (founded by Sarah Austin) and this year we were fortunate enough to be asked to film a big family Gala, run by the committee at Really Helpful Club and the NSPCC.

Capturing the action…and generating content

Our friends at ‘Memories of Thorpe Park’ attended the Thorpe Park Fright Nights media event last night and it looked like a great event! Armed with just a GoPro, it was the perfect camera for capturing the action. The advantages of using a smaller camera (and your phone) is that you can record really quickly, the quality is excellent and it’s lighter to carry compared to a DSLR. For those who aren’t used to filming it’s a great way to […]

Engage with your customers

Recently we filmed an office warming in Surrey for our digital company Innovation Visual. It was a fantastic event to film, lots of clients showed up and people enjoyed interacting with the augmented reality and virtual reality demonstrations in the room. We filmed all the speakers and several vox pops about how important digital content is with some businesses in the room. With the introduction of new immersive technology over the last few years it’s now possible to take engagement […]