Video marketing for the entrepreneur

Video marketing for small business can always be challenging and sometimes not for the usual reasons you may think. Putting aside spending money or thinking up good ideas, the biggest challenge stopping a lot of people is…confidence. Meeting entrepreneurs on a weekly basis at networking events or online , when I mention video, the camera seems to be something that they want to run away from. I get it, it can be difficult to speak to a lens, but remembering […]

Filming locations

Depending on your video message and the kind of ‘look’ you want to get across, then getting the right filming location is an important element of your video. Having one location for interviews is strategically easier if you can then get everyone to the same place and then schedule time slots for interviews. It’s the way many press junkets take place. So for example, you rent out a few rooms in a hotel, set up your filming equipment /set and […]

Preparing for interview

As well as running Orchid Digital my other job is a field producer for both corporate films and TV production. A lot of my job involves helping set up an interview and making sure everything runs smoothly. Most people can properly imagine what it’s like to sit in front of a camera, you’re either confident or nerves might start getting the better of you! Surprisingly I’ve had people in front of the camera who have never experienced it before and […]