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How I can help you speak to your customers

Shooting a video can be difficult, especially if you’ve never experienced speaking in front of a camera before. With your customers going to the internet as the first place to find products and services you need to start getting yourself out on the web, and video marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing this. So how can I help you with a problem you might have with video marketing? Quite often the problem is purely just down […]

The power of video in digital marketing

Graphic courtesy of theEword Recently we set out on educating small business owners on the power of video. Within our growing digital world, video comes top as one of the most effective marketing tools out there. It’s the most shared form of content and the SEO value in this ‘rich media’ makes it worth getting a video of your business out there – even if it’s a really simple video. In our home town of Hampshire we started filming with […]

Filming locations

Depending on your video message and the kind of ‘look’ you want to get across, then getting the right filming location is an important element of your video. Having one location for interviews is strategically easier if you can then get everyone to the same place and then schedule time slots for interviews. It’s the way many press junkets take place. So for example, you rent out a few rooms in a hotel, set up your filming equipment /set and […]

Preparing for interview

As well as running Orchid Digital my other job is a field producer for both corporate films and TV production. A lot of my job involves helping set up an interview and making sure everything runs smoothly. Most people can properly imagine what it’s like to sit in front of a camera, you’re either confident or nerves might start getting the better of you! Surprisingly I’ve had people in front of the camera who have never experienced it before and […]