Engage with your customers

Recently we filmed an office warming in Surrey for our digital company Innovation Visual. It was a fantastic event to film, lots of clients showed up and people enjoyed interacting with the augmented reality and virtual reality demonstrations in the room. We filmed all the speakers and several vox pops about how important digital content is with some businesses in the room.

With the introduction of new immersive technology over the last few years it’s now possible to take engagement with your customers to a new level. It’s a really exciting moment as we can now create world’s we haven’t been able to do before, and literally (almost literally) put that person right in the centre of it.

One demonstration at this event was a 360 virtual reality experience of a passenger view in a race car by company ‘Diverse Interactive’, an exciting full HD experience with audio, making you feel like you’re there! Chris Elson gave a really interesting talk on how they use new techniques to speak to customers and industries that haven’t even considered digital marketing in the past.

At Orchid Digital we are also embarking on new technology for our customers. We love trying to film in new and exciting ways. Recently we have started film 360 video for some of our clients. Take a look at our own 360 video below: Guinea Pigs at Birdworld.

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