Event Filming

Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Speeches...

Boost your ticket sales and increase your profit, we are experts in event video marketing. We strike a balance of creative and technical and can produce an event video that fits in with your brand and marketing budget.

Event films are fun, but they must have purpose...

Spending money on a video for any size company is a big decision, and when it comes to your corporate film it's really important to think of your return on investment. There's many factors to think about; what do I want to say about my company, who do I want to be interviewed on camera, what look and style do I want...

Orchid Digital can help you from pre-production planning right through to getting your video onto your website. It's good to know what you like (and don't like) before the storyboard begins.  You might have a small budget in which case going for something filmed on a DSLR camera will be far more cost effective than filming on a high powered film camera. Equally, if you want all bells and whistles then we can certainly provide this.

As a business owner or marketing manager you must think about the following points:

  • Your audience - who is this film intending for?
  • What do you want to capture? e.g speeches on stage clearly, interviews on the day, general atmosphere..
  • Details of the sound guys on the day are helpful for us as we can sort out the technical details for audio
  • Where will you show this? Website or social media channels?
  • If you have a set budget then let us know, we can recommend what we can do for your marketing plans.

What we deliver as a production company

  • An initial conversation with you / event team about the day or evening. Details of locations, times, content etc.
  • A recce of the venue if we or you feel this is necessary
  • We provide all the paperwork that goes with it, risk assessments and insurance details
  • A plan where cameras will be at what times
  • A list of people to interview (if you need this) and a set of questions to ask
  • We always try to keep out the way of people on the night without being intrusive, but at the same time capturing the general atmosphere and details
  • A first draft edit for you to view and comment
  • A final edited video of your event and any extra social media cuts that are requested

If we are filming in risky places such as building sites then we have all the relevant insurances and skilled team in place to make sure the shoot runs smoothly. We always make sure everything we need is in place before filming begins.

Price Guides

Each event we work on has different requirements so it's difficult to give a set price to each one.

However if you require something simple such as one self shooting producer on the day with one DSLR camera to get general atmosphere and some vox pops, our prices can start as little as £600 on the day which includes a full edit of one video.

A more complex shoot - for example; corporate event, professional set up interviews and capturing of speakers start from £1,200

Just contact us to tell us your exact requirement of the day

Let's start a conversation

If this is a service that you would like to discuss further then please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively why don't you give us a little information so that we can be a little better informed. We can then get back to you with really relevant information - just click below!