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Event Filming...

Filming your event can be a useful marketing and PR tool for your business. It not only shows your audience what you're all about, it can also encourage them to join you for further events that you may hold. Contact us today for a quote for either half a day or full day filming.

About this service

Spending money on a video for any size company is a big decision, and when it comes to your corporate film it's really important to think of your return on investment. There's many factors to think about; what do I want to say about my company, who do I want to be interviewed on camera, what look and style do I want...and so on.

Orchid Digital can help you from pre-production planning right through to getting your video onto your website. It's good to know what you like (and don't like) before the storyboard begins.  We then can help your arrange locations and talent details if you need it. You might have a small budget in which case going for something filmed on a DSLR camera will be far more cost effective than filming on a high powered film camera. Equally, if you want all bells and whistles then we can certainly provide this.

Once you're over the hurdle of what you want, then it's onto the logistics of the shoot. We are trained broadcast experts and our daily job involves helping to arrange shoots and all the technical details that go with it. Many of our clients like to get involved as much as they can and so arranging timings will often be a collaborative effort.

If we are filming in risky places such as building sites then we have all the relevant insurances and skilled team in place to make sure the shoot runs smoothly. We always make sure everything we need is in place before filming begins.


We can provide a live streaming service for your company. Our crew will provide two HD cameras and a live mixing desk.

Send us an email info@orchid-digital.com for your filming requirements.

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