Telling the story of Beano | Artis Studios Video

Recently we created a series of short video stories for our client Artis Studios – photographers based in Sunninghill.

We were very excited to film these because we have known them for years. They photographed our wedding, our dog and most recently our little baby boy. Having the opportunity to create something for them this time was very exciting for our video company.

The brief was to create short video content for pets, families and seniors (teenagers). Finding the ‘right’ contributor was important because they would be narrative for each piece. Kat (co-owner at Artis) asked some previous clients to take part. We looked for someone that would be natural on camera but also had a brilliant story to tell. Hannah (co-owner & photographer at Artis) would also need to recreate the shoots so we could capture it on video.

In the case of Beano – we knew we had the right dog when we started to film him. He was brilliant in front of the camera, his owner controlled him well and Beano looked great, with plenty of energy but also moments where he could sit and relax. We filmed the short video in 2 sections – B-Roll out on a shoot at Lightwater country park and then back in the studio for interviews and re-creation of the viewing and collection.

Jane (Beano’s owner) was also very natural and genuine in front of the camera. She gave short and clear answers to our questions which helped shape Beano’s story. The idea behind any video marketing is to help tell the story as opposed to a direct sales pitch as it captures people’s attention and also connects them on a personal level.

In the video edit we selected the best parts of our footage and Jane’s interview. We had also had interviewed Hannah to talk about the photography shoot which complimented the video. We found music that also helped connect the images to the audience, and produced a short video that Artis studios were really happy with.

The additional videos were also added to their website and we made shot 40 second versions for Facebook and Instagram.

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