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Depending on your video message and the kind of ‘look’ you want to get across, then getting the right filming location is an important element of your video. Having one location for interviews is strategically easier if you can then get everyone to the same place and then schedule time slots for interviews. It’s the way many press junkets take place. So for example, you rent out a few rooms in a hotel, set up your filming equipment /set and journalists are scheduled throughout the day. It saves going to rent space in a TV studio and it’s more comfortable for everyone.

I’ve probably filmed in over 500 locations throughout my time, hotels, bars and places you can’t normally gain public access to. Depending on what you’re producing you either pay a location fee, or if you’re particularly fortunate you could name drop that location’s name in return for free publicity! Getting to know Press Officers is handy for any TV or video shoot.

If you have all the insurances in place, are considerate and leave the place as you found it, then chances are you’d be allowed back to film. So what are the challenges? Well first off hotels and other such places are not film studios, so they aren’t set up for filming, the lights can be dim and you get people passing through corridors. Having excellent film equipment is obviously key for setting up a well lit interview, and then you must remember to have signs such as ‘Quiet filming in progress’ for those that might wonder nearby. Using lapel mics is probably a good idea to make sure ambient noise is not picked up. Annoyingly you can also have things such as; buzzing from a nearby bar fridge, the meeting taking place next door or the fire alarm going off. It’s all things you must deal with when using locations.

Finding somewhere relevant to your story is a good idea. For example we recently filmed for a client and the main focus was about trade between London and Hong Kong. So naturally, filming with iconic London buildings behind the main interviewee seemed like a good fit, plus we managed to find a really good hotel with great views across the city.

Of course you must remember if going out on the street you have to contend with noise, people acting up in front of the camera and so on, plus also be aware that not all places can be filmed, sometimes you have to gain official permission.

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