Live Video Streaming

Live stream broadcasting from your office...

Communicate and engage with your staff and customers. Orchid Digital have teamed up with SPH Design & Technical Services to deliver high quality live stream broadcasting, so your event and presentations can still be delivered remotely to all your customers or staff.

Capture your event and stream your presentations...

If you're looking to still hold your event that may have been cancelled this year, there's the option to still stream your speakers, presentations, breakout room sessions and still hold live Q&A's.

We take your requirements and provide you with a bespoke service for your live video event. We handle all the technical aspects - letting you concentrate on your presentation.

As an MD or Marketing Manager you might be thinking of the following points:

  • Your audience - who is the live event intended for and which platform works best for your company?
  • What do you want to capture? e.g speeches from several guests, interviews or breakout room sessions.
  • Where will you be holding this? Think about how many people will be on camera and we can help devise a safe plan to ensure that we all keep to Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.
  • Do you have graphics, powerpoint presentations, music etc.? We can add all this in for you.
  • If you have a set budget then let us know, we can recommend what we can do for your marketing plans.

What we deliver as a production company

  • An initial conversation with you via Zoom / Microsoft Teams.
  • A plan that we work out with you so we fulfil your exact requirements.
  • We provide all the paperwork that goes with it, risk assessments and insurance details.
  • A plan on how many cameras will be required.
  • A list of people to involved and a call sheet for timings (worked out with you).
  • Titles and lower third graphics for people's names / titles etc. done to your company branding.
  • A full recording of the event either as a 'mix' or isolated camera feed.
  • Confidence monitor so you can see yourself on screen
  • Moderated Q&A for the sessions
  • Backup connections

Please be aware that as we are adhering to new safety guidelines we shall also wear masks, (gloves when needed), and keep a minimum of 6ft apart from you. Crews are kept to 3 people maximum each time. Please be aware that we shall not film anyone with Coronavirus symptoms.


Let's start a conversation

If this is a service that you would like to discuss further then please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively why don't you give us a little information so that we can be a little better informed. We can then get back to you with really relevant information - just click below!