Open up your imagination when it comes to video marketing

These days capturing the attention of your audience is getting harder to do. With increased competition and digital video marketing spreading online, you need to start standing out from the crowd.

So where do you start with video marketing? Fortunately gaining attention doesn’t always mean you have to make a £30,000 film, but those companies with more money will have more flexibility in what they can do. Hiring actors, fancy camera angles and animation are just some of the options you can use for video to tell your story.

If you’re a start up businesses or run your business by yourself you’re probably going to have a set budget and limited funds. So thinking of how to make mass content on your video marketing budget is key. You need to make sure your content can be used throughout the year, and across different social media platforms. If you have the confidence to film on your smartphone, then this can be a good option for some, and then finding a reliable video editor to help you cut the content will save you time and money in the long run.


This little trick can be easily done either on your phone or via a GoPro camera. If you’re business entails something visual over a length of time, you could shoot a video with the time-lapse capacity, and create a short video that you can add to your Facebook page and website. Giving people a look behind the scenes at what you can do is always something new an interesting.

Create a TV show

With the growing amount of channels on YouTube then it might be time to join in an start creating your own. If you have something interesting to show people, maybe behind the scenes of what you do, a interesting talent you might have or a hobby then YouTube is the place to show this. Filming content on a camera or smartphone will give you a clear picture, and it doesn’t have to be perfect to be interesting. If you have something investing to say or show people then make sure you have a recording device nearby and start shooting.

Thinking differently

If you have more of a budget then you might start thinking of how to use the least likely people to give your videos a unique twist. If you can find an actors that what to star in your videos, it could make it far more interesting then giving it a typical corporate look. We recently came across an interesting set of videos from Shell Power and one we love in particular is two old ladies explaining the benefits of a clean engine. It’s quite comical and clever and still gets the message across.

Mix graphics and video

Bringing colour into your video production can make all the difference especially if your business is seen typically as a non visual and ‘boring’ subject –  turn it into something exciting. You could record voice over and then use animation or moving graphics to help tell your story. Recording audio doesn’t have to be difficult and you can either record through your smartphone or on affordable voice over microphones. Then you just need some imagination to help create something around your story.

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