The power of video in digital marketing

Graphic courtesy of theEword

Recently we set out on educating small business owners on the power of video. Within our growing digital world, video comes top as one of the most effective marketing tools out there. It’s the most shared form of content and the SEO value in this ‘rich media’ makes it worth getting a video of your business out there – even if it’s a really simple video.

In our home town of Hampshire we started filming with several local shops as we started partnering with Facebook page Farnborough net. Most business owners weren’t used to filming in front of the camera, but after some quick coaching on how to sound natural everyone did brilliant, and we were able to make some short videos within a quick turnaround. The aim of these videos were to boost the engagement and awareness of their business on Facebook. On average we are achieving around 4,000 views per video with our highest video so far getting over 10,000 views in just 5 days. Friends and locals started to share out the content, and their friends started to like the videos too – the power of video really is evident.

This kind of marketing can be seen by anyone in the world, it’s cost effective to produce, saves money on costs of leaflets and print advertising and is also engaging as you can see the store, see and hear a few words from the owner and it’s more personal. The video we did for Woods Butchers for example got their Christmas sales message across so people knew when they were taking orders.

We have found a great infographic courtesy from digital marketing agency theEword , which really shows the rise of video and some interesting stats.

Take a look below:

The Rise of Video in Digital Marketing

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