Video marketing for the entrepreneur

Video marketing for small business can always be challenging and sometimes not for the usual reasons you may think. Putting aside spending money or thinking up good ideas, the biggest challenge stopping a lot of people is…confidence.

Meeting entrepreneurs on a weekly basis at networking events or online , when I mention video, the camera seems to be something that they want to run away from. I get it, it can be difficult to speak to a lens, but remembering there will be a potential client watching that video can change your whole mindset.

Maggie Killick is a stylist from Surrey, and a few months ago she approached us as she wanted to start video marketing across social media. Her company Maggie Killick Style helps people see their true potential when it comes to fashion and she also has a new service launching called 365. So where do we start? We listen to client’s needs and the content they want to get across and we give them package options. It might be that they want video content produced every 4 weeks, or every 8 weeks. Either way, consistent marketing is good to keep interacting with your audience. Between us, we came up with several ideas that we could film.

So we started off simple, yet effective – a series of ‘how to style’ videos that show you how to wear a particular item of clothing. Maggie hasn’t done much in front of the camera (not that it shows), so a basic set up in her studio would be a great way to start. Keeping the ‘script’ natural we jotted down some bullet points of what we wanted to cover and then just started filming. The results were great, and the response on Facebook was very well received – almost 800 people reached just with two simple short videos. Take a look for yourself…

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