Boost your marketing with Instagram video

Give yourself a marketing boost with Instagram Video

Last week we filmed for The Really Helpful Club at their ‘Back to Business: Taking the next steps’ event. I was also asked to speak about video for the Instagram platform. It’s a platform that I’m still exploring myself, and at Orchid Digital we’ve started working with small business entrepreneurs on video specifically targeted for Instagram.

If you know nothing about it then essentially Instagram is a photo app that also has the capability of showing up to 60 seconds of video in a post. It’s developed by Facebook, so naturally you can also link a business account to your Facebook profile and promote promotions.

Here are my top tips for getting started

  • Social media video is an great way of engaging with your customers. Build up your story / your brand by posting on social media consistently. You can download the Instagram app for both iPhone and Android. Take advantage of editing apps for Instagram which are out there. E.g Adobe Premiere Clip – create, edit and share videos on your mobile. Keep it simple at first, and start practising!
  • Instagram video is bite sized video – 60 seconds max – this can challenge companies to think creatively. If you were a chef for example you could 60 second recipe videos, or if you’re launching a new product why not give it a playful tone, which would also work well on Facebook. Show off your personality. Structure your video so in the first 7 to 10 seconds you grab attention.
  • Think about your video Call To Action. So you need to ask your followers to do something at the end of that video. You could ask them a question, or leave their answer in the comments or even raise awareness. With all video always think about your audience, what your message or story is and your CTA.
  • ‘Instagram Stories’ allows your audience to see your brand’s personality. So here you can share pictures and video which is seen for just 24 hours. Here you might want to create very short videos could be 10 seconds in length for example shout about a new product, new services, get people excited and they will come back for more!
  • Instagram also allows you to ‘go live’ which means as soon as you press the live button you can record up to an hour. Connect to ‘Start Live Video’ (Remember to connect to the wifi) and this will give you a chance to appear and gain more followers. Think of ‘behind the scenes at an event’ or show someone unboxing your new product, mix up the content.
  • Optimise your video posts so you can get found. Use #hashtags to help optimise posts that relate to your content. For example a fitness coach in Surrey might want to use #fitness #health #surreytrainer #fitnesstips #workout etc. People will then make a search – and your post will appear under that search term. Target your content!
  • Connect with other social media influencers because they could boost your video post by responding to it. You can mention people using ‘@‘ followed by the Instagram name.
  • Establish your brand as a thought leader – so educate people and help others. Provide in your videos new thoughts and insights, talk to the camera.

Get started with these ideas

  • Behind the scenes video
  • Stop frame video
  • Time-lapse
  • Use Boomerang app for quick a short video burst
  • Live video
  • Create a story using either photos or video
  • Slow motion video
  • Show people enjoying your product
  • Screen recording videos
  • How To videos

Video Format for Instagram

  • Minimum evolution is 600 x 600
  • Max resolution is 1080 x 1080
  • Recommended file formats are .MP4 and .MOV
  • Video length is 60 seconds max

If you’d like to make a start but you’re not sure how then why not contact us here. We also provides cost effective packages to suit all types of businesses.

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