Time-lapse at it’s greatest

An Introduction...

If you're looking for something that's a bit different then you could consider time-lapse video and be fully immersed in the project. We love working with companies who want to film from a different viewpoint and excite their audiences. We can capture entire projects from start to finish.

About this service

Each project is bespoke depending on your requirements and we always aim to work within your chosen timeframe. We tend to film our 360 videos using Samsung technology and have several cameras which can film alternative angles. Each video is then edited and uploaded to a platform so audiences can watch the 360 experience. Alternatively you can also use a 360 degree headset with your mobile.

Our time-lapse videos are filmed using Go-Pros which means most of the time we can achieve the viewpoint you want. The footage is then sped up to achieve an effective time-lapse video.

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