Preparing for interview

As well as running Orchid Digital my other job is a field producer for both corporate films and TV production. A lot of my job involves helping set up an interview and making sure everything runs smoothly. Most people can properly imagine what it’s like to sit in front of a camera, you’re either confident or nerves might start getting the better of you!

Surprisingly I’ve had people in front of the camera who have never experienced it before and have been very natural, not nervous at all and have enjoyed the experience. Equally I get those who might be speakers in everyday life, and then fall apart at the last minute because they haven’t prepared enough.

So here are my top tips for preparing for interview – who ever you are and what ever you might do as a day job, because when the lights turn on and the camera starts rolling, everyone is looking at you…

  1. Know questions in advance, so ask the producer in charge. If you prepare answers on paper or in your head you can make sure you sound confident.
  2. Spend some time practicing a mock interview with a friend, it could help those that might be especially nervous.
  3. Sort out that posture, so don’t slouch in a chair and try not to fiddle with things. Sit up, hands rested on your lap or on the arms of the chair and appear relaxed.
  4. If it’s a pre recorded interview then don’t worry about asking for a quick break – sometimes we all need to have a think about what we need to say next. A producer’s will make sure you keep to a reasonable time schedule anyway.
  5. If it’s a live interview then make sure you keep your answers to the point whilst still sounding conversational.
  6. Drink water and eat before hand – you want to keep your mind active enough.
  7. Try and look your best, sometimes a second camera used to pick up side shots might be a little closer than the main camera.
  8. Have a quick chat with the interviewer or presenter before hand, that way you build a slight rapport.
  9. Smile – sounds obvious but smiling can make you seem less worried, although manic smiling not recommended.
  10. Always view your work when it’s done, because you could notice things you might want to improve next time.

All the other things such as a little makeup, making sure you sound and look good is up to the crew. Sometimes you may get asked to retake it and other times the first take is the best. Enjoy the experience and have fun making your corporate videos.

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