What’s new this year? video marketing in 2018 for business.

Happy New Year! January has officially started and (if you didn’t dabble with work over the Christmas period) then you’ll most likely be getting back into it this week. A new start, and a fresh way of thinking opens up the doors to new marketing ideas and the great inspirational rush to get some new fresh faced clients on board.

So what’s new on the video front for 2018? At Orchid Digital we like to always think of new and engaging ways to help customers gain more attraction and ultimately increased sales.

Social media video

We’ve seen a great rise in companies thinking more strategically on a consistent basis. For example, Jem Scragg from Hiit90 and BodyUK has done just this last year with his marketing plan. We helped him release a series of videos for the BodyUK YouTube channel, the website, his Instagram profile and Facebook platform. We’re also very pleased to find out that Jem won a branding award in December from his marketing achievements.

Here’s one of the latest Jem Scragg videos for BodyUK

These videos were quick and easy to produce, and the return on production costs has and is turning into engagement for both existing and new customers. To take a look at how he has integrated video content into his website take a look here. Jem also recorded a lot of his own voice over work to keep the content personal and engaging for those that know him. If it’s your businesses then this is a great way to help marketing yourself and put a friendly face behind the brand.

We have worked with lots of industries and can advise on how to start your own YouTube channel. For more information go to our social media video page and take a look at some more examples of work.


This has always been popular and this year we’re working with even more companies on video animation to help explain. Explainer videos for example are sharply on the increase and since your customers can access video content at the click of a button now, animation can be a fun and colourful way to gain attraction.

So if you’re thinking about video animation where do you start? Since there are so many styles of animation it’s a good idea to get 2 to 3 ideas of the style you like, perhaps you’ve seen something else that inspires you, or come across something on YouTube. If you approach a video producer with this information they will always let you know if they can produce something in that style for you. Graphics and illustrations can be from the very detailed to very simple. The two graphics below explain the line ‘Are your struggling to understand the value of your time?’

The next part is to think about your story and what it is you want to get across in your video. Target marketing is key, and you need to make sure your audience understands your message clearly. Keep the idea short, but get all the key points covered. A video marketing company can help you with scripting and storyboarding if you’re not too confident in doing this part. Once you’re signed off everything in pre-production the process of animation can take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the project. Give yourself a realistic budget for bespoke content since it takes time for artists to create and develop items. Take a look at our animation page and get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss an idea.


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